Robbins Don’t feasibility The feasibility ( Robbins 2017)

Date: 2017-09-06 16:10:28

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Robbins Don’t Fear The FEAR ( Robbins 2017)
Like the predictability of cold winter storms that show up year after year, market corrections and crashes will continue to rear their ugly heads. We’ve all suffered losses, or know someone who has; maybe it was when the tech bubble burst in the late 1990s, when the stock market plunged in 2001, or when the housing market crashed in 2008. Those kinds of losses can shake you to your core. So just how does one achieve financial security and peace of mind in this new era of volatility?

[0:36] Richard introduces himself, Robbins and Mallouk
[1:00] The idea of being unshakeable is clearly more than money, but in this context, what does it truly mean to be unshakeable?
[1:27] Unshakeable is: a bear market can come, a correction can come, and ’s no fear in you – or if is a little fear, you don’t stay
[1:43] Why the world we live in right now leads many people to believe they can’t even achieve financial freedom
[2:25] Alan Greenspan’s perspective on the volatility of today’s financial world
[3:00] The metaphor of the snake and the rope and how it applies to Unshakeable
[3:37] What Unshakeable is and what it can do for you
[3:51] We’re donating 100% of the profits to feed another 50 million people through Feeding America
[4:29] explains why he chose to write Unshakeable
[6:22] outlines the three main goals of the book Unshakeable: to act as a short playbook that anybody can easily read, to dispel the fear of market volatility, and to open the curtains to reveal the truths of hidden fees
[7:27] Warren Buffet’s approach to bear markets
[9:02] tells the story of how he met Mallouk, and why they decided to partner to write the book Unshakeable
[9:25] The major difference between fiduciaries and brokers
[10:35] Why agreed to meet with after receiving his call
[11:20] explains why ’s firm, Creative Planning, offers people at the millionaire level personalized services that are usually only available to the ultra wealthy
[12:07] Why and decided to open another division of Creative Planning to offer these services to people with $100,000
[12:56] explains his opinion of the book Money: Master the Game and its core message
[13:47] explains why he decided to call , to offer his expert financial insight, and how their initial meeting turned into a partnership
[14:55] explains why it’s impossible to have lost money through the tech bubble, the crash of ‘08, if you were invested even halfway right, and didn’t make a mistake.
[15:18] answers: Why did people Lose money? Why are people shakeable? Why do they make these mistakes?
[16:28] explains the Reasoned he asked to co-author Unshakeable with him
[16:55] The unbelievable results and his firm saw during the crash of 2008, why they thrived during one of the worst Economic times
[17:31] Knowledge is not Power — knowledge is information. It’s potential Power. What’s real Power is execution.
[17:59] discusses his contributions to the book why constantly trading is a mistake, and the “buy and hold” mindset is also a mistake, and the mindset you can use to get ahead
[19:05] and answer why they chose to launch this podcast at the same time as the book, instead of waiting
[20:02] and ’s seven “freedom facts”
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